Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Introspection, and an Announcement

At what point does your internet fame drown out your interaction with your readers and becomes more about your readers' interaction with each other?

I find that on popular posts, the interaction is no longer between writer and reader, but between the readers themselves...the writer no longer matters as an interacting being, but merely a producer of content to be debated among yourselves...

While fame seems like something desirable, I think I'd be happiest with a small following of regular commenters that I could interact with.

Also, I should probably let my Blogger pals know that I've started a new blog.  Hey, guys, I started a new blog! You can find me at! It's going to be more streamlined and stuff, and probably have more...organized posts.

Which means that this blog gets to be informal.  Yay!  Don't worry, though, my storytelling bit is still going to happen on a regular basis.

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